Weaving over time and history

In the heavenly and unique setting of the Church of Saint Francis of the Women in Perugia, the ancient techniques of weaving are faithfully preserved and the timeless textiles that are created carry with them the history of art and of the region of Umbria.
The Giuditta Brozzetti Museum Workshop is one of the last surviving hand weaving workshops in Italy where it is possible to marvel at original working looms from the 18th and 19th centuries and to discover their rich history.

A history not just of techniques, but also of the decorative motifs that can be found in the works of Giotto, Ghirlandaio and Leonardo da Vinci: an ancient history that has been preserved thanks to the work of women in general and in particular to Giuditta Brozzetti who, at the beginning of the 20th century founded the workshop/school with the intention of giving new life to the glorious tradition of Umbrian textiles.

Info & Hours

Where we are

  • Via T.Berardi, 5/6 - Perugia, Italy
  • GPS: N43°07'02.68" E12°23'01.64"

Open to the public

  • Monday to Friday - Free entrance
  • Morning: 08.30 12.30
  • Afternoon: by appointment only
  • Saturday and Sunday by appointment