Unique, hand woven creations

Thousand-year-old techniques and ancient production methods are still in use today to create, exclusively by hand, textiles that are inspired by history but that are still relevant to these times. Unique creations, woven and finished by hand with love and infinite patience and inspired by the glorious textile tradition of Umbria.

Our artistic production is woven by hand, in linen, cotton, silk, cashmere blend and gold and silver laminate. We use18th century pedal looms and 19th century Jacquard looms to create tapestries, tablecloths, bedspreads, doilies, table runners, cushions, lamp shades and home decorating fabrics: all made to measure and personalised. We also make mufflers, scarves and small accessories.

We offer our clients unique pieces, each one with its own story to tell and entirely woven and finished by hand. Mass production does not exist in our studio.

All our phases of production come from ancient times, using traditional techniques. The warp is assembled in the same way as it was 500 years ago and setting up one of our looms can take up to 20 days. Every thread of weft is threaded by hand and it takes one day for a weaver to make a maximum of 50 cm of fabric.

The love and passion for the art of hand weaving has been passed down from mother to daughter for four generations and what we make today is a result of the fusion of exuberant feminine personality with the ancient weaving tradition of Umbria.


Create your custom-made product by customizing the decorative motifs and textiles: we will weave it for you!

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